Detoxify with Colon CleanseHi, I’m Jason

Welcome to my blog. I created this site to help others learn information about how much their colon health affects their overall health and well being.

I am 35 and I live in San Diego. I work in IT so I’m sitting all day. I had issues with gaining weight, having low mood, and not sleeping well. I started developing skin conditions, my waist was getting bigger, and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin all the time. I was bloated.

I started researching possible causes other than diet and exercise, because believe it or not, I was doing those. I kept coming across the topics and effects of colon health, gut health, and the bacterial microbiome in your stomach. I have learned so much on this subject I feel like I should share it with the public, because I don’t think it is common knowledge at all.

I’m a huge researcher. I love it. When I am interested in a topic, I can watch video after video and read article after article learning about it. This is hard for a lot of people, so this blog is all about me taking information from all over the web and creating valuable content without a lot of fluff all in one place, and adding in my personal experience. I hope it helps you.

In addition to the information in the blog articles I write here, i’ve tried tons of different probiotics, prebiotics, cleanses, and gut health products. Some had no effect, some made me feel worse, and some made me feel amazing! I will be sharing those reviews here as well.

If you’re looking for what I consider to be the best colon cleanse for weight loss and general well-being, check out the link below.

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Welcome to my blog!